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We offer a wide variety of treatments


Meridian Body Theraphy

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

What is Meridian Channel?

Meridian channel is a net like system that connects to every parts of the body.When the channels are block,the flow of 'qi' or life force and blood in the body are affected as well,crippling the basic metabolism.If this condition is ignored,impairment of bodily function and diseases are imminent.

On the other hand, a proper stimulation to the meridian system can restore the body to its harmonic balance.Traditional Chinese Medice (TCM) believed that a clear and healthy meridian channel is the key of vitality.

Beauty Skin's Meridian Treatment- Unlocking your journey toward vitality.

With a combination of acupuncture,tuna,physiotherapy,gua sha and cupping therapy supported by ancient TCM wisdom,our specialized combo is designed to give a thorough and constant stimulation to the meridian channel.This could unblock the channels and unlock the door to vitality which leads to improved blood circulation,pain relief,invigoration of the internal organs,heighten metabolism and regulation of neurological function.

About our Infinite Image

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

Founded in 2001, Infinite Image Beauty has many years of experience in the beauty profession, focusing on providing exceptional beauty and holistic treatments to clients.

They aim to provide you with a “non-surgical” Beauty Concept
– a real face or body skincare method that gives visible and
long-lasting results without recourse to a medical procedure of any kind.

At Infinite Image, they care for all your skincare and body needs.
Careful analysis is performed before personalizing each treatment to meet your unique needs. Their staff is fully qualified beauty therapists who regularly undergo comprehensive training. And their products are constantly checked to ensure efficiency and innocuousness, benefiting from a “Safety Certificate.”

Beauty starts with healthy skin. At Infinite Image, they care about your skin health. They will decode your skin, zone by zone, and equip you with a natural and results-driven regimen. All in all, they can’t wait to whip your skin into shape!

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