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Wellness Treatment

Meridian Body Therapy

Revitalise your senses and refresh your mind!

What is Meridian Channel?

Meridian channel is a net like system that connects to every parts of the body.When the channels are block,the flow of ‘qi’ or life force and blood in the body are affected as well,crippling the basic metabolism.If this condition is ignored,impairment of bodily function and diseases are imminent.

On the other hand, a proper stimulation to the meridian system can restore the body to its harmonic balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believed that a clear and healthy meridian channel is the key of vitality.

Beauty Skin’s Meridian Treatment- Unlocking your journey toward vitality.

With a combination of acupuncture, tuna, physiotherapy, gua sha and cupping therapy supported by ancient TCM wisdom, our specialized combo is designed to give a thorough and constant stimulation to the meridian channel. This could unblock the channels and unlock the door to vitality which leads to improved blood circulation, pain relief, invigoration of the internal organs, heighten metabolism and regulation of neurological function.

De-Stress Scalp & Neck Therapy

•Relax head tension, improves quality of sleep

•Enhance oxygen level of the brain

•Improve blood circulation of the brain

•Help insomnia, ringing in the ear, blurry vision

•Relief discomfort from flu and migraine

•Relax the central nervous system, help improve focus and concentration.

•Improves memory, prevents aging and facial numbness

•Relief anxiety, depression and nervousness, uplift the mood and bring positive mood


1. Release Body Toxin
2. Improve Blood Circulation and stimulate blood flow
3. Regulates and enhances metabolism of energy.
4. Headache, dizziness, migraine.
5. Improve memory
6. Reduce stress
7. Improve sleep quality, treat insomnia
8. Improve digestive systems , reduce constipation problem
9. Relief shoulder & neck stiffness
10. Improve dull & aging skin problems
11. Boost Immunity
12. Hormone imbalance

Signature 02 Body Energizing Healthcare Therapy

*Promote qi (energy) circulation and detoxify
*Relieves Pain and Improves Internal Health
*Maintenance and Early Detection of internal ailment

O2 Body Energizing Therapy uses a combination of meridian technique & Gua Sha with customized natural herbal medicated oil that focus on one of the following selected areas: neck shoulder area, digestive system, upper or lower back or kidney area to remove harmful substances and toxins from the body and promote healing. 

To be able to enjoy all the meaningful activities life can offer, strengthen your immune system so that your body’s natural resistance against diseases and healing ability are at their optimum. Apply basic O2 Body Energizing Therapy rules to maintain a good health – remove the excess and replenish the deficiency, so as to maintain a balance of Yin and Yang, as well as a healthy body. Qi is the life process or flow of energy that sustains the life of living being.

If you are experiencing lethargy at work, it may be a sign of underlying disharmonies that require your attention. Lethargy is a condition where one often feels tired, slow, low in energy, heavy in limbs, sleepy or even drowsy all the time.

MOXA treatment

MOXA treatment helps treat problem such as menses pain, abdomen cramps or pain, hormonal imbalance, premenstrual tension, and more.

Bust Treatment

A specific treatment specially created for your breast that regenerate and moisturizes to give firmness and enhances their natural energy and wellbeing. It contains 100% natural ingredients with specific massage techniques help to improves blood circulation and drainage.

SPA Waxing

  • Armpit
  • Upper Lip
  • Arms
  • Calfs
  • Thighs
  • Back Waxing